The Objective

Recontrol's mission is to help people improve. Whether it’s a change in perspective or a small tip, I hope you will find something here that will enhance your life. If you are interested in self-improvement, or just feel the itch to grow as a person, please explore the content and follow for more.

The website will cover various topics: self-improvement, productivity, health, fitness, behavioral science, and more. The focus will be on quality over quantity. The goal is to cover key topics in each area and give timeless, practical advice. The content will always be in flux: as I learn more, it will be updated.

Behind The Words

Hi, I’m Krisjanis Gaidis. I am a Software Engineer, and much of my time is spent on solving computer problems. It’s most likely then not by chance that I also like to address other, more human, issues too. How can I lose weight? Gain muscle? Learn a new skill? I am fascinated with self-improvement. If I experience problems, I break them down, devour books and fix them. This constant process of experimentation and iteration has given me a decent understanding of the various dilemmas we all experience.