Productivity Principles - How To Be Productive

Every year a new book comes out and claims to reveal the secret to living a productive life. Productivity, it seems, is an ever-elusive concept that keeps redefining itself. These books have produced a countless amount of productivity tips - many of them quite useful. However, it's increasingly easy to get lost in all of the information. How do you discern what’s important?

I took all the tips I knew and boiled them down to a few core principles. I hope these give you a big-picture understanding of what it takes to increase productivity. The articles are purposefully kept short, but I provide resources to expand further. When you feel unproductive, use these principles to guide you forward.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” — Harrington Emerson
  1. Perspective - Productivity Is For Everyone
  2. Purpose - Start With Why
  3. Efficiency - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Time
  4. Structure - How To Be Self-Disciplined
  5. Environment - How To Avoid Distractions
  6. Doing The Work - How To Stay Focused

Good luck!